Our recently completed projects


High-performance accounting system

We designed and implemented a high performance and horizontally scallable accounting system for investment banks and insurance companies. The system is capable of scaling across dozens of physical machines and processing over 1 billion transactions per hour.

Technology: Java, Oracle Coherence, Oracle Database, Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Hive, Spring, Weblogic, Thymeleaf, HTML/CSS, Javascript.


Financial deep search engine

A deep search engine for financial sector companies allowing to gather comprehensive intelligence about business persons and entities from various databases, reports and services.

Technology: Java, OSGi, ElasticSearch, Hazelcast, lots of 3rd party APIs.


Energy performance calculation and forecasting system

An energy performance calculation and forecasting system delivered as a SaaS web application. The system was created from scratch, including implementation of a complex energy calculation engine, integration with online payment systems as well as deployment and tuning on the Google App Engine platform.

Technology: Java, GWT, Google App Engine, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, payment gateway integration.


Online trading platform

We delivered an online market for physical gold for one of the largest gold retailers. The system was created from scratch with the Java technology stack, starting from business requirements analysis, technical architecture design and implementation to testing, production hardware sizing, final deployment and performance tuning. Horizontally scalable architecture enables more than 10k users to open and close positions at the same time.

Technology: Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery



Franchise network system

Business web application for a franchise network of attorney offices. The core functionality of the system enables the franchise owner and users to: manage participants of the franchise network, customize each Attorney Office site look and content, manage the customers of Attorney offices, data exchangebility rules, manage legal documents templates, on-line document creation and its lifecycle management.

Technology: Java, Apache Tomcat, Spring, Hibernate, MS SQL Server, Alfresco, Exari, CMIS.


Wine merchant online platform

Internet and intranet platform for a leading wine merchant in London, UK. The system is responsible for handling retail purchases on a website as well as for stock, internal orders and deliveries management and investment trading of wine.

Technology: Java, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript.


E-commerce platform for a name tags company

Design and implementation of e-commerce platform for a leading name tags printing company with multiple deployment in major european countries. Integration with external printing environment. Building API interface which is used by external partners with separate sales channels.

Technology: Java, Spring, JPA/Hibernate, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, payment gateway integration.


Internet payment platform

Web platform for internet payments and money transfers accounting with financial controlling features. The system provides integration with customer’s internal security layer with Single Sign On (SSO) integration based on LDAP and Windows ActiveDirectory.

Technology: Java, JSP, HTML, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Restful Services, MySQL Server, Tomcat, LDAP, ActiveDirectory.


Finance systems integration

Internal integration system used by one of the largest physical gold dealer in Poland. The system architecture was restructured to SOA and Mule ESB was introduced as a practical message passing platform for finance and pricing information increasing individual system independency and making their maintanance easier.

Technology: Java, HTML, JSP, IBM WebMessage Broker, Mule ESB, SOAP, WSDL, Spring Framework, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, JBoss.


Healthcare data management system

System handling critical personal data of Dutch public health care organization.

Technology: Java, JSP, HTML, Spring Framework, Hibernate, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Alfresco, Tomcat, LDAP.


Physical gold e-commerce store

E-commerce store for a physical gold retailer. The webstore presents the full product catalogue with prices updated in real time from a central pricing engine, it also provides REST based webservices that enables other partner affiliated websites to gather the current offer in a simple fashion.

Technology: Java, Play Framework, JPA, Hibernate, Groovy, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Linux (server), Tomcat, Nginx.


Price comparison system

Custom price comparison system including a website crawler that periodically downloads and parses the website contents of selected suppliers.

Technology: Java, PostgreSQL, Spring, FreeMarker, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Linux (server), Tomcat, Nginx.


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