MuleSoft Consultants and Integrations

What is Mule ESB

Your unified data exchange

Mule ESB is a proven data exchange and system integration platform offered by MuleSoft. Our engineers are certified Mule ESB consultants.

Practically, Mule ESB can be used as a business rule driven message exchange platform that makes connecting new systems to your architecture a pleasure.

Our expertise

Experienced Mule ESB Consultants

We use Mule ESB to build complex system integrations like pricing engines retrieving, modifying and distributing retail prices to multiple e-commerce sales channels in real-time to control and optimise overall profitability.

Our engineers are certified Mule ESB consultants holding at least Associate MuleSoft Developer certificates.

Extending Mule ESB

Custom Mule ESB connectors

The real power of Mule ESB are ready-to-use connectors that dramatically reduce development team required to integrate new service with your systems.

We build custom connectors that enable you to connect to new APIs and services seamlessly straight from Anypoint Studio.

Let's work together

Our project model

We can participate in Mule ESB integration projects in a flexible manner: either on-site or off-site from our nearshore development centre located in Wroclaw, Poland, typically after an initial on-site visit to start and design the project.

SCRUM is our standard development model as it practically increases communication, team's focus and overall project pace.


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