Big Data with Hadoop/Spark & Coherence

How we crunch the numbers?

One billion transactions per hour

One billion transactions per hour are processed by a critical financial system designed and implemented by us.

We apply the latest massive parallel processing and grid computing technologies to build systems that provides almost zero latency and linear horizontal scalability across dozen of nodes. We carefully advise on the final deployment strategy being a partner of leading cloud computing providers.

Business case

Fun fact. You already have big data.

You very likely already have a big amount of business data that needs more transparency.

Even if you are a small/mid-size e-commerce business, your website logs, order details, customer profiles and the way the navigate across your website, your product segments, pricing models - all these details can be measured, visualised and optimised in real-time to maximise your revenue and customer retention.

We can help you build your custom business dashboards, pricing engines and analytics model to monitor and optimise your crucial KPIs.

Our expertise

Certified Hadoop, Spark & Coherence Consultants

Our engineers are certified Hadoop, Spark and Oracle Coherence developers with strong understanding on how data mining algorithms can be applied to resolve a real world business case.

This enables us to apply the best technical solution to your case.

Why Us

We are practitioners.

  • Our experience varies from building data reporting systems, custom analytics solutions to design and implementation of low latency real-time financial systems and custom data mining algorithms.
  • Data mining team is a mix of computer science and physics/mathematics graduates.
  • Deep understanding of actual capabilities of both open-source and commercial technologies.
  • Last but not least: we always think about the business value of the result.

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